About us

From 2021. 1 September The name of the Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre shall be changed to Kaunas Education Innovation Centre (code 193043096), in accordance with the 2021. 22 June Decision of Kaunas City Municipal Council No. T-259.

The Centre is one of the largest teacher training centers in Lithuania (established on 15 July 1995) and the first in the country to be accredited (2019). repeatedly for another five years, by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, the accreditation certificate No. KT3-12).

The Centre is a modern subject, information and methodological institution for the professional development of school principals, deputy principals, heads of departments organizing education, teachers, student support specialists and other adults, providing quality educational services, adapting to the needs of the region and the country, changes in the infrastructure, the European Union’s educational structures, international cooperation and the development of the education system.

The Centre’s work is based on the values of tolerance and empathy; democracy and equal opportunities; the will to develop and change; responsibility and teamwork; and respect for educational and cultural traditions.


To maximise the lifelong learning needs of the various target groups – school leaders, deputy heads of education, heads of education departments, teachers, pupil support specialists, upper secondary pupils, parents of pupils and other adult groups. Ensuring the implementation of the functions delegated by the State and the municipality and the educational priorities in the field of professional development.


A modern lifelong learning centre for educators and other adults.

Activities of the Centre

Analyzing the training needs of education staff, organizing professional development, analyzing the quality of training events.
  • Provision of methodological, subject-specific and information support to educational institutions, coordination of the activities of subject teachers and the schools’ methodological council.
  • Organisation of pupils’ Olympiads and competitions, coordination of the interdisciplinary programme for highly gifted pupils.
  • Searching, analysing, summarising, collecting and disseminating effective and successful educational experiences of teachers.
  • Preparation, implementation and coordination of city, regional, national and international projects.
  • Coordination of non-formal adult education, organization of events for different target and age groups.


„Metų švietėjai 2022“ (“EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR”) – this title is awarded annually to the most deserving TEACHER of Kaunas city. This is the idea of Kaunas Education Innovation Centre, which has become a beautiful tradition.
Since 2004, we have been organizing the “Educator of the Year” celebration every year and honoring the active and talented teachers of the city who have cooperated with our Centre. Every year we recognize the activity, initiative, educational and methodological activities of the teachers’ practitioners and the dissemination of innovations.
„Metų švietėjai 2022“
„Metų švietėjas 2021“