World Awareness lesson “Panemuniks’ Journey to Francophone Countries” to celebrate Francophonie Month

2021 m. April 9 d., 09:32

Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre took an active part in the Francophonie Month events. 23 March. The pupils of Class 4a of Kaunas Panemunes Primary School and the senior primary school teacher Diana Kairiūkštienė embarked on a virtual journey through the Francophone countries. Stopping off in each French-speaking country, students learn about the capital, nature, desserts, famous people and popular sports. During the playful journey, students completed tasks such as jigsaw puzzles with Parisian landmarks, learning to sing a French song, doing French exercise to keep themselves invigorated and, at the end of the journey, testing their knowledge by answering questions.

We would like to thank Diana Kairiūkštienė, Senior Primary Teacher at Kaunas Panemune Primary School, for a useful and fun lesson that not only broadened the knowledge of the 4th grade students and participants, but also gave them the opportunity to virtually travel the world.

Eglė Ragauskaitė, Methodologist, Kaunas Teacher Qualification Centre