Friendship between Kaunas and Hiratsuka

2022 m. July 8 d., 14:52

2016 m. The friendship between Kaunas and Hiratsuka continues successfully. In more than five years of close partnership, Kaunas and Hiratsuka have implemented many meaningful and interesting activities. Cities are continuously strengthening their friendship through joint activities and innovation. 8 July. In the morning, Kaunas Deputy Mayor Mantas Jurgutis, Kaunas Education Innovation Centre Director Rasa Bortkevičienė and Hiratsuka Deputy Mayor Yushin Ishida met in a virtual reality – at the virtual Tanabata (a traditional Japanese festival, celebrated annually on 7 July) festival, which is taking place for the 70th time. During the virtual meeting, the Vice-Mayors of Kaunas and Hiratsuka and the Director of the KSIC thanked each other for the sincere cooperation, exchanges in the fields of education and culture, and discussed the possibilities of further cooperation. We look forward to live meetings and to welcoming the Japanese delegation to Kaunas in the near future.

We are extremely grateful for the interesting experiences, challenges and meaningful partnerships.

Eglė Ragauskaitė, Methodologist, Kaunas Education Innovation Centre